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About Me

This world is beautiful, splendid &mesmerising, but our vision some time turns the other way, reasons for the same are many. Let me take you through a differentdimension, it also has multiple solutions as well. Sometimes we are not able to ascertain this and ultimately lose hope. The benevolent activity of creating this platform is envisioned toremove this obstacle and help the people from among all the strata of society. Location will not be boundary for this altruist activity;one is always near a solution. This platform is being run by a consortium of seasoned astrologist&Vedic practitioner, he convener of this syndicate is Mr. AdityaJha. He has hereditary knowledge of 15 generations, can predict upcoming events in your life and help you make wise decision on vast variety of subjects and problems and suggests remedies. He also has gamut of experience of 20 years in handling the astrological repercussions based on stars position. Mr. Jha,who entered this field with an interest, since childhoodwas an avid learner. Hehas created a niche for himself in the area of Numerology with zeal, dedication and untiring efforts. He is hereditarily involved in this field of Vastu, Pamistry and Vedic Hawans. His bold and strong conviction- “Spirituality is an important instrument for the social change”, has changed the life for many. We believe, it will truly provideanswers about the varied dimensions of lives to the visitors of the site which may include but will not be limited to areas of finance, relationship, career, spirituality, health, business, children/family, travel and other personal problems. In fact, getting the birth chart reading done and performing appropriate remedies is a rich and rewarding experience for us.


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